Dick Hewitson and Maisie Parker recently exhibited together in the exhibition METAMORPHOSIS in Honiton, East Devon, November 7 - 18, 2015.

The exhibition is now finished, and proved very successful. The exhibition was held in the wonderful exhibiting space of the Woodhayes Gallery, Luppitt, Honiton, East Devon. This was the first exhibition to be held in this new gallery.

Dick says:

The exhibition was both enjoyable and hard work. It took some time to plan and organise. Maisie is an old friend, and we only recently became aware of each other's work, about a year ago, and decided then that we must exhibit together. Maisie's work is based on her own life drawing, and includes drawings, paintings and many varieties of prints, as she is a fine-art printmaker. My work is often derived from landscape, and ranges from more figurative to abstract. There is some abstraction in all my work - Maisie describes much of my work as 'abstract landscapes'. We hoped, when we planned this exhibition, that our work would hang well together. We found that this was certainly the case.

In this large and well-lit gallery, we both had some 'individual walls' but also we included some 'mixed walls' within the main exhibiting area. These 'mixed walls' worked really well, with our diffent styles and methods complementing each other. The photos show just part of this exhibition.