Dorset WW2 defences

Pillbox near railway bridge in Sterte, Poole, 2017

Coastal defences

These paintings, from 2017 to 2021, look at several of the remaining WW2 Pillboxes, Dragon's Teeth and Lookouts on the Dorset Coast. Further works are planned and/or in progress.

Link to 2018 Article in Dorset Life about Dick's WW2 defences paintings.

These structures were built to protect the coast of England, specifically the Dorset coast, against invasion by sea.. They could then have played a significant role if foreign forces had crossed the Channel. The context in which these structures exist has been changing during the Post-War years, and has now changed again. We are living in politically significant times.

The Kimmeridge beach pillbox below is a Type 25 Pillbox. The few Dragon's Teeth still remaining in position represent the larger numbers deployed to prevent access by foreign tanks.

These paintings reflect the current state of several WW2 artefacts at actual locations in Dorset.

Coastal locations, Dorset:

1. Upper shore, near Gaulter Gap, Kimmeridge.
2. Redend point, Studland.
3. Bran Point or nearby.
4. Elevated 20 feet up side of bank on the slipway road, Kimmeridge.
5. On top of White Nothe.
6. Near Redcliff Point.
7. Near Osmington
8. Ringstead bay
9. Edge of Flowers Barrow
10. Swanage
11. The Fleet, Weymouth.
12. Highcliffe Beach
13. Pondfield, by Worbarrow Bay.
14. Above Knoll Beach, Studland.
15. Burton Bradstock.
16. Fleet, Clifftop.
17. Chickerell Hive Point, The Fleet.

More recent 'pillbox' works are generally nearer the top of the page.

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