Coastal Dorset Landscapes

These paintings are all contemporary landscapes, mostly in oils. Interpreting and painting the Dorset landscape is a major focus in Dick's work and the coastal landscape paintings are of key significance. Many of these coastal paintings, for instance of parts of the Kimmeridge shoreline, or Chapmans Pool, have used drawings, done either on-site or in the studio, or often both. These drawings have in various ways involved repeated simplification (in terms of loss of unnecessary detail) and also new emphasis on particular lines, edges, tones.

Many of the paintings of the Dorset coast demonstrate his interest in the underlying 'skeleton' of the landscape, and reference both the geological events and processess which first formed the coastal land, and also the ways that human activities have shaped what is visible today. In many of these works he also explores movement and erosion in the landscape, processess which are now likely to increase in intensity as climatic instability continues. Dick's painting 'Edge of Collapse', which figured in the 2016 RA Summer Exhibition, is a case in point.

Below this painting of part of the Fleet Lagoon at low water, there is a link to the gallery of Dick's coastal Dorset works.

The Fleet - Low Water


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