Water tower paintings 2014 -18

These paintings all feature a farm water tower / water tank which was put in place around 1950. It was an army surplus storage tank, and was taken to its present position after WW2, and erected vertically, subsequently used to store water. Dick first encountered this 'water tower' while walking and drawing in Dorset, not far from Pimperne and Tarrant Gunville, in early Autumn. The structure, which is still currently in use, is in farmland, and the field had then been recently cropped, with stubble visible. The neolithic Pimperne Long Barrow is close by, and can be made out in four of these paintings. The remains of a relatively recent barn, roofless, can be made out in numbers 7 and 8 of the group.

One of these works was shown in the RWA Open of 2015, and another in the RA Summer Exhibition in 2016. (See the Exhibitions page).

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