Landscape Forms

These 2013 / 2018 paintings all originate in the experience of the landscape, and all of them are derived in some way from initial field sketches in various locations, in sketchbooks. Drawings, using media such as pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink, local clays and watercolour washes, were carried out rapidly and intuitively in the field. The sketchbook drawings form an important part of the research evidence used in the creation of these paintings.

As these paintings are based in some way on particular landscape experiences, they are stylistically linked to Dick's other landscapes, but they have been placed together because in general they take a more abstracted approach.


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The three 2017 works above followed from a walk on a rather wet Autumn day, in fields at Kimmeridge, after the wheat had been cropped and muck spreading had recently taken place. Charcoal drawings with raindrops informed these works.

The works below all came from inital field sketches, mainly in charcoal.

Square Forms series 2014-17

These paintings are all oils on wood panel, with a 12" square format. They are derived from field sketches or existing paintings - usually starting from some detail in the original work.